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Secondary School

Vice Principal's Message

Madam Aysha Abdul Cader

Vice Principal

Long ago are the days where women were restricted from socializing seeking fame and education. Yet ‘time and tide waits for no man’, likewise it is high time for women to blossom out and expose once talents.

In an era where computer dominance is prominent and where people believe that educating women is similar to educating an entire nation, as an individual you should have the attitude of seeking a standard level of knowledge especially, to keep up with the rapidly changing society.

Muslim women in particular were always kept in the background, but now the Muslim woman recognizes the need for her to emerge from the behind scenes.

Harcourts International School is well renowned for producing disciplined and well bred ladies into the society. I am proud to say that being a moderate school our students are second to none when it comes to education or extracurricular activities.

The management and staff of Harcourts International School aim at providing the best for our students and teach them to reach high, while instilling the values and traditions of Islamic Foundation at all times.

Each student at Harcourts International School is made to feel special and unique and is given the right guidance to uplift not only her standard of education but to showcase their hidden talents through the various activities conducted by the many societies of the school. We at Harcourts International School believe that each child’s journey at this school from the nursery to the A/Ls should be a process filled with a buzz of activity mixed with flavour and variety paving the way to success.

Madam Aysha Abdul Cader

Vice Principal