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The Sports Meet

All that begins well ends well……. This saying indeed proved itself on this splendid day, the Inter-House Sports Meet. It was a noisy and bustling day, with all the children running about, carrying their team spirit within them. The rest of the crowd, busy arranging their tents which highlighted competitiveness between the three houses. Each house had decorated their houses so creatively so as to awe the judges. The morning started off smoothly with all the morning rituals and traditions. The days program comprised of all events such as the track events, class events, march past and the drill display The drill display was very lively and displayed the true determination each house possessed. Another remarkable feature of the day's program was that, the chief guest was a very special person who was none other than Mrs. Damayanthi Darsha, which added more colour to the scene. Event after event went by, and before we knew it, we were all assembled, eagerly awaiting the results. In the end, it was Jade House who emerged as the champions and the other houses couldn’t have been happier for them. The sports meet gave us all the grand opportunity to learn many great things such as team work, leadership, creativity and of course sports!


Preschool Sports Meet