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   Harcourts International School

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Nursery School

Principal Nursery School

Mrs. Faiza Haniffa

Principal- Pre- School

Educational Qualification
  • General certificate of Education Advenced Level

Professional Qualification
  • Diploma in A.M.I methods of education
  • Diploma in Pre-School method of education.
  • Diploma in Child Psychology.

  • Twenty five years of teaching experince at Bishps College Colombo 3
  • Twenty five years of experience in school administration as Principal- Pre School.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

In the the name of the Almighty the Beneficent the Merciful.

The Pre School Level of Harcourts International School consists of children between the ages of two and half years to five years.

It consists of the Play Group Level, Lower Nursery and the Upper Nursery Levels.

It is an ambitious project we have embarked on – an awesome responsibility –the training of little children –yet how fascinating – for children are like tender plants.

The Pre School Level is the foundation stage. It is a distinct stage, important in preparing children for later schooling.

The curriculum at this level is a mixed one bringing in the best from the Montessori Method of Education and the Pre School methods.

At the Pre School level we are always reminded of the 5 D’s – Determination, Decorum, Dedication, Discipline and Drive.

An all round education requires much more than classroom learning. Education is also about promoting the right morals and values. We attempt to harness the energy of young minds into creative and constructive channels. The school is where seeds of knowledge are sown and we garnet a harvest of educated young women with drive and motivation.

The parent being the first teacher, it is necessary to emphasize the important role they play. Children should cultivate the habit of reading and parents should kindle in them the interest in books. This paves the way as they grow up for adventure, knowledge and information in books and print materials. The home should never be seen as an entity bereft of books.

Parents should not abdicate their responsibility in the learning process of their children. They should have a constant rapport with the teacher so that they could work together as co-partners in the moral, physical and intellectual development of their child.

The environment at the Pre School Level throbs with activity throughout the year. A stimulating atmosphere is created, where a child’s curiosity is roused and he explores, discovers and enjoys himself in the process. In keeping with these objectives in mind, we enable our children to achieve full academic potential. Much effort is made to relate learning to real life. We thus organize activity days, educational trips, sports day, exhibition and concerts. This provides the children with the opportunity of performing with confidence and enhances their natural creative abilities which are essential for the development of their personalities.

We have endeavoured to recruit the most suitable, qualified and experienced facilitators for the little children in our care. For a Pre School teacher, a pleasing and cheerful personality is an essential pre-requisite. They should also have patience, tact and love to handle the kids entrusted to them, with tender care. They are responsible in preparing today’s generation to be well rounded individuals of the future.

We, at Harcourts International aim to give our children an all round education based on Islamic values. With Allah as our Guide and a fervent prayer, we hope to go from strength to strength and achieve great heights. In sha Allah.

Mrs. Faiza Haniffa

Principal- Pre- School

Special Emphasis on Primary Education

It is a fact beyond doubt that without proper education in the Primary Section, higher education becomes meaningless. Considering this fact every effort is made to improve the quality of education from primary 1 to primary 5.

The education in this section will be child centered with less emphasis on structures and examinations. The focus will be on developing the child's mind, skills, attitudes and abilities.

To fulfill this, a new integrated primary section syllabus is being implemented featuring the following components.

English Language


Environmental Studies