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Language Day

Language Day for the year 2013/2014 was held recently at the S. De. S. Jayasinghe Hall, Dehiwala. Mrs. Kumari Grero – Directress and Coordinating Principal of Lyceum International School was the Chief Guest while Mrs. K. Nagularaajah, Principal of Ramanathan Hindu Ladies’ College was the Guest of Honour.

The highlights of the event were the presentations made in the five languages taught in the school i.e. English, Sinhala, Tamil, Arabic and Japanese depicting the culture of the relevant countries in narrative and action performances. The tiny tots of H.I.S performed a 'Hawaiian dance' which astounded the audience very much. The whole programme turned out to be a resounding success together with a well attended audience.

Mrs. Grero addressing the audience enlightened them on the importance of education and narrated an interesting anecdote to further strengthen this fact. The Principal of Ramanathan Hindu College Mrs. K Nagularaajah commended on the performance of the students. Being the head of a leading school she too expressed her views on the importance of education in nation building.

The Chairman of the school Mr. Ahamed Rheyas said that he embarked on an educational project by founding a school because of his desire and passion for education. He also stressed on the need for educating a girl child. He said that he is happy that the school is under the leadership and guidance of an experienced Principal like Mrs. Jurungpathy and also thanked the staff members for their efforts towards the success of the school.