~for a Value and Moral based Education  

   Harcourts International School

         ~Inspiring Excellence

English Society

The mission of the English Society is to Improve the standard of English applicable in school by improving the listening, reading and writing skills through various activities such as poetry and writing competitions, using visual aids to improve spelling skills and many other inter house competitions.

Sinhala Society

The aim of the Sinhala society is to develop the Sinhala knowledge and make it more interesting for children to understand. It also provides an opportunity for the members of the society to demonstrate their exceptional organizational skills.

Muslim Majlis

Muslim Majlis has always had an exciting year fuelled by much enthusiasm from its members. Many activities were organized to enrich the Islamic knowledge of the students.

Commerce Society

The mission of the commerce society is to equip the students with the necessary skills and competences to step into the corporate world.

ICT and Media Club

ICT and media club has always organized events which will benefit and encourage the students to showcase their talents. One such major project which has much pomp and pageantry among the school students is the inter house multimedia presentation.

Science Society

The aim of the science society is fostering students to acquire knowledge on latest development in various fields of science and technology to make them aware of the application of scientific knowledge in day to day activities for the improvement of the standard of living.