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   Harcourts International School

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The Academic Scheme


The medium of instruction is English. Classes are conducted from Pre School to IGCSE O/L and ALs London/Local in the Commerce and Science streams.  A second Language  either Tamil or Sinhala is taught on a compulsory basis. Arabic is taught as an additional language.

The Nursery School

The Nursery Level consists of the Play Group, which has children between 2 ½ - 3 ½ age group, the lower kindergarten, the upper kindergarten and the Pre – Grade Levels.

We follow the AMI method of education combining with the Pre – School methods of education. We introduce Sensorial activities, EPL activities and Environmental studies together with subjects such as Pre writing, English, Number, Islam, Arabic and Sinhala.

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The Primary Level: Primary 1- Primary 5


Core subjects are:

English Language, Mathematics, Islam, Environmental Studies, Science, National languages [ Sinhala/Tamil] and Computer Studies.


Optional Subjects:

Physical Education, Art, Life Skills, Elocution and Singing


Secondary Level


Form 1 to IGCSE Ordinary and Advanced Level classes. The curriculum is based on National and London [Edexcel] syllabi


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