~for a Value and Moral based Education  

   Harcourts International School

         ~Inspiring Excellence

Welcome to Harcourts International School- The Model School for Girls' Unique in every aspect

Harcourts International Girls' School has its origin from Crescent School which was founded in 1983. The school was taken over by Chairman Mr. Ahamed Rheyas and is now managed under the Harcourts Foundation. The school has impressive infrastructure spanning over 100 perches. New developments include a secluded swimming pool and sprawling buildings to accommodate the growing student population. The well equipped Library, Science and Computer Laboratories ensure the students to gain an indepth understanding of their subjects. The play area provides recreational facilities for sports like Netball and Badminton. 

The motto of the school is 'We inspire excellence' undoubtedly inspirational in both curricular and co curricular activities. Our aim is to harness the natural talents of the students and provide them an all round education that would inspire them to be wholesome individuals. The limited number of students in each class ensures that they get individual attention, motivation and encouragement which they need as the driving force to achieve their goals.

The school environment together with its model teaching learning process is a child friendly and the pastoral care offered to the students bespeaks of this special feature.